Hicks & Green Families

Pike Davis Ranch is a sustainable ranching operation, protecting its rich water resources, abundant native plants and wildlife habitat.

The permanent protection of the Pike Davis Ranch is the result of many years of careful preparation and thoughtfulness by the Hicks and Green families, ancestors of the ranch’s long history. The ranch is 1,415 acres of stunningly classic Hill Country, located within the Llano Uplift in the Colorado River watershed. The property was once part of a much larger ranch, purchased by the Davis family in the 1850s. Over the years, pieces have been sold off, but the Hicks and the Greens wanted to ensure that the remaining 1,415 acres can never be further broken apart. This large tract of Hill Country history is now permanently protected in partnership with the Texas Land Conservancy.

“The constant has been the land,” mused Alfred Davis IV, Bettie and Howard’s cousin, during his speech at the ranch’s 150th anniversary celebration. The family was gathered at Walnut United Methodist Church, built by some of the 23 original settlers. “Bluebonnets and Indian Blankets return each spring. Roadrunners still dart across the road. The seasons evolve. The hills of the Coal Creek Serpentine geologic formation are more than one billion years old. Bats still inhabit Blowout Cave and entrance visitors. I wonder if any of our original ancestors ever thought that 150 years after their arrival, their descendants would gather in this church to remember and honor them and give thanks for their sacrifices, renew friendships, and look to future generations to preserve some of the heritage that has come to each of us?”